Intermodal Transportation Specialist

Warren Swart is a distinguished Intermodal Transportation Director with a global footprint that encompasses key facilities in Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, and Europe. Among his most notable achievements is the founding and management of a leading Parking Management Company in South Africa, which boasted an annual turnover exceeding $100 million, managed 100,000 parking bays, and employed 2,000 individuals. 

He played a critical role in the design and development of the Johannesburg International Airport Multi-storey Parking facility, where he oversaw the inaugural installation of a Pay on Foot system in Southern Africa. Beyond transportation, Warren has been instrumental in designing and operating crucial facilities across various sectors including casinos, major retail developments, hospitals, and hotels, with a special focus on airport facilities. 

In his current role, he shoulders a multitude of responsibilities ranging from strategic leadership across multiple companies to overseeing overall financial management, marketing, and business development. His purview also includes human capital investment, talent management, and corporate acquisitions and strategy. 

Warren excels in marrying science and art in customer engagement strategies, focusing on a customer-centric approach. His passion for entrepreneurship manifests in his development of robust business models and digital strategies. When asked about his driving force, Warren's prompt response speaks volumes: "Building people who build organisations." His strategic involvement in various partnerships and initiatives has left an indelible impact on both his organisation and the intermodal transportation sector at large.