Sheryl Fajardo
Consultant - Creative

Sheryl is a highly accomplished professional with a distinguished 15-year track record in the retail industry, out of which 8 years have been dedicated to brand and product management at DFS Group. Her leadership and expertise have been instrumental in driving impressive growth for her business category, transforming it from being the smallest to one of the largest non-aeronautical revenue generators at Abu Dhabi Airport within less than 5 years.

As Assistant General Manager, Sheryl has consistently demonstrated her versatility and ability to take on additional roles. Notably, she has been at the helm as Project Delivery Lead for critical duty- free RFP submissions at prominent airports, including Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal, Muscat Airport, Riyadh Airport, Jeddah Airport, Bahrain Airport, and Istanbul Airport. Sheryl's role was to oversee key aspects of the RFP’s documentation  deliverables such as creative direction, copy editing, content proofing, research and analysis, resource planning and effective team supervision, as well as budget and procurement.