Mohamed Darwiche
Director - Non-Aviation Architecture & Design

With over two decades of experience in Architecture, Interior Design, and Business Planning & Development, Mohamed is a luminary in his field. Renowned for his strict adherence to international standards of excellence, he is deeply committed to the incorporation of avant-garde construction methodologies. Over the years, Mohamed has held pivotal roles in the industry, consistently demonstrating a unique blend of technical mastery and creative ingenuity. 

Specializing in a wide array of competencies such as Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Strategic Planning, and Product Development, Mohamed's acumen is notably advanced. His forte lies in pioneering innovative and original design concepts, underpinned by strategic thinking and inventive problem-solving. These core competencies have positioned him as a trusted leader, driving significant impact on both organizational and industry-wide scales. 

Mohamed's exceptional project management skills are evident through his collaborative endeavors with multidisciplinary teams, comprising architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and contractors. He ensures timely and high-quality delivery of projects, standing as a beacon of professionalism and efficiency. 

His portfolio is a striking archive of his prowess, featuring remarkable projects such as the Emirates First & Business Class Lounges at Dubai Airport, VIP & VVIP lounges at international airports, and a multitude of commercial spaces, restaurants, and private residences. Each project bears the hallmark of his dedication to merging aesthetic brilliance with functional utility, thus creating environments that are both awe-inspiring and eminently practical. Mohamed's leadership has also been instrumental in shaping strategic initiatives and partnerships that have had a profound impact on his organization and the broader landscape of his professional domain.