Lynsey Watson
Chief Executive Officer

Lynsey Watson is a seasoned business professional with over 20 years of experience, known for her significant contributions to the field of airport management. With a specialty in commercial, aero, non-aero, and real estate initiatives, she has a knack for complex commercial negotiations, effective team management, and stakeholder engagement. 

Lynsey's career trajectory is distinguished by her senior leadership roles at internationally recognized airports such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airports. Further, she has provided strategic support to various airports across Africa and Central Asia, broadening her understanding and influence in the airport industry. 

Previously, Lynsey served as the Chief Commercial Officer at Terminals Holding LLC, where she reported directly to the Group's CEO. Her role was pivotal in overseeing all commercial activities, managing airport acquisitions, concessions, aviation business development, aeronautical revenue, non-aeronautical revenue, strategic partnerships, and Joint Ventures. Under her leadership, she was instrumental in driving the growth of airport businesses across the group. 

Now, Lynsey has focused her expertise as the CEO and Board Member of Cairn Consulting LLC. Reporting to the board of directors, Lynsey is engaged in providing strategic advice on all aspects of airport commercial activities. This includes high-profile projects such as NEOM in Saudi Arabia. In her capacity as CEO, her immediate focus is on the growth and development of Cairn Consulting, aiming to solidify the company’s position as a leading strategic commercial advisor in the airport industry. 

Lynsey's capabilities are not confined to the operational and strategic sectors; she also excels in financial modelling. With exceptional skills in advanced reporting, analytics, and forecasting, her ability to utilize financial data for strategic decision-making has been a cornerstone in her career, driving business growth effectively.