Liz Berks
Senior Consultant - CX Specialist

Liz Berks is a seasoned executive with 17 years of unparalleled expertise in customer insights and customer experience (CX) transformation. With a global presence in markets like London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, and Saudi Arabia, Liz has held pivotal roles that cement her reputation as a leader in the field. She has served as the Managing Director of ABN Impact in Singapore, where she provided exceptional consultancy services for defining and solving CX issues, and as CX Product Manager for Cathay Pacific, where she redefined the first and business class inflight experience. 

Her core competencies lie in customer-centric transformation. Liz is highly skilled at developing insight-driven strategies that align with customer needs, thereby elevating business performance. She has been at the crossroads of research, strategic development, and implementation, consistently delivering measurable results for Fortune 500 organizations. 

Significant projects include enhancing the GACA passenger experience across key Saudi Arabian airports, where she led reviews of global best practices and identified opportunities for improvements. In the financial sector, Liz conducted customer needs assessments and developed customer segmentation models for leading banks in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, she played a critical role in a neighbourhood enhancement program in Riyadh, and persona development for a financial institution in Singapore. 

Liz's work has a proven track record of driving change, identifying weaknesses, and offering actionable solutions, thus positioning her as a leading strategist and implementor in customer-centric transformations.