Fahima Sadiq
Operations Manager

Fahima Sadiq is a specialist in commercial operations and real estate management, particularly in high-stakes airport terminals. With a proven track record, Fahima has specialized in unlocking vast revenue potential by maximizing returns from various partners, including lessees and travel retail outlets. Her work has not only garnered fiscal results, but she has also been a key player in elevating customer service and expanding product offerings across numerous retail spaces. She's been instrumental in setting the concession space strategy for multiple airports, serving millions of passengers annually.

Fahima's adaptability and high-achiever mindset were showcased when she played a pivotal role in the timely completion of travel retail projects for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 at Hamad International Airport. She has also spearheaded sustainability initiatives, working closely with concessionaires and stakeholders to promote responsible practices. Her prowess in financial modelling, strategy optimization, and stakeholder management makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Known for her skillful negotiations and collaborative spirit, Fahima has a proven ability to forge and sustain strategic alliances, making her a linchpin in operational excellence and sustainable revenue growth.