Carla Manabat
Executive Assistant

Carla Manabat is an accomplished professional with over 12 years of extensive experience; throughout her career, Carla has consistently demonstrated her ability to adapt to diverse challenges, interact confidently with colleagues, and drive towards ambitious goals. Her comprehensive skill set encompasses overseeing complex schedules, maintaining high-level business relationships, managing commercial contracts, and refining internal processes to expedite workflows. Carla's exceptional organisational skills shine as she manages ISO standard paperwork and participates in continuous improvement programs. She excels in coordinating travel arrangements and supporting the finance department by preparing project reports and managing budgets. Her attention to detail extends to invoice preparation and coordination with the Accounts department. Carla's commitment to excellence, professionalism, and strong work ethic makes her a valuable asset to any organisation. Her proficiency in project management, customer service, and document control, coupled with her technical skills in software applications, demonstrate her versatility and capability in diverse roles.