Arwa Al-Sahaf
Senior Consultant - Airport Development

Arwa Al-Sahaf is a seasoned industry professional with over 25 years of experience specializing in the design and development of complex aviation and mixed-use projects. With a distinguished career spanning 16 years within airport operator organizations, Arwa has successfully led multiple Capacity and Revenue Enhancement projects in live, high-traffic airports, as well as managed airport transformations and greenfield terminal designs.

During her time as Director of Strategic Commercial Planning at Dubai Airports, Arwa was instrumental in planning and delivering integrated multi-category commercial spaces across the airport infrastructure. Her responsibilities included collaborating with stakeholders, business partners, and internal authorities to ensure the optimal value of Dubai Airports assets was realized.

Prior to her role at Dubai Airports, Arwa served as a Senior Development Manager at Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), where she managed the design and development of various airport projects, including the Abu Dhabi International Airport Capacity Enhancement projects and the new Midfield Terminal building.

Arwa's expertise extends to design management, stakeholder coordination, and risk assessment. She is known for her effective communication skills, her ability to recognize and address diverging stakeholder needs, and her realistic understanding of project risks and opportunities.

With an organized and diligent approach to project management, Arwa focuses on delivering efficient and targeted solutions to challenging demands.